For more than 35 years Oldies Club Neerkant organizes three times a year, the CD and record fair in Neerkant (NL). This record fair is held every last Sunday of January, May and September at community center "De Moost" Moostenstraat 3 in Neerkant (NL). The Record Fair starts at 11:00 and ends at 17:00. From 09:00, the bar area is open for resellers and visitors of our record fair.

Exhibitors can build up their belongings between 10:00-11:00 hour. Visitors will not have access to the halls in this hour. Each exhibitor will receive after registration at 10:00 a badge. Without this badge, you have no access to the recordfair until 11:00. Members of Oldies Club Neerkant will monitor this. Afterwards or during the record fair the badges must be returned to the organization. By this way of working all the exhibitors get plenty of space and time to set up their tables right. Thank you for your cooperation.

At 11.00 the doors opens for the public. Abort and early leavinbg by the exhibitors, earlier than 16:30 is not allowed without the permission of the organization. Aborting may mean exclusion for the next record fair.

Table reservations for our record fair is only possible if you agree to our reservation terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy. Selling illegal stuff is of course forbidden. The exhibitor remains fully responsible for his own stand. Instructions of the organization must be followed immediately and unconditionally. Canceling a reservation is only possible under the conditions specified on this website under "reservation terms and conditions". The dimensions of the tables are 100 x ± 60 cm. No limit is set for the number to reserve tables per reservation. Oldies Club Neerkant always reserves the right to refuse any booking or cancel without giving reasons. You can reserve tables for a recordfair by returning a completed reservation form (by post or by using the online form) during the reservation period. Since 2019 only registrated resellers can do a reservation. Do you wanna be a registrated reseller, please tick here and fill in the form.

The cost is € 12.50 per reserved table (= 1 meter). Payment of rent table must be made in advance by paying the rent table on our bankaccounbt/IBAN nr. NL45 RABO 0136 0146 82, specifying the desired number of tables and your registration number. Both table rental and reservation form must both 10 days prior to the record fair recieved by us.
Note: If the payment is not within our bank in a timely manner, your reservation will be cancelled.

Click here for directions. In the neighborhood there are a number of hotels to spend the night. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please send an Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  For the reservation form click here